Adobe Commerce

The world’s most customizable eCommerce platform.

Platform Features

B2C eCommerce

Adobe Commerce features the B2C functionality expected in a robust, enterprise class eCommerce solution that can be used for small, medium and large businesses.

B2B eCommerce

Adobe Commerce provides a robust set of features specifically for B2B businesses that enable a standalone B2B system or a single system to handle both B2C and B2B.

Magento Enterprise Cloud

Let Kadro manage your hosting on prem or manage your Magento project on Adobe’s eCommerce cloud hosting infrastructure for an ideal Magento implemenation.

   Case Study

Reeds Jewelers

Kadro and REEDS have a successful partnership that's lasted over 20 years. See how Kadro seamlessly integrated REEDS many custom product management and fulfillment software platforms with Magento Conmerce as the large jewelry retailer migrated from a custom Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform to Magento.

Kadro offers excellent customer service and support, when I need to talk to someone about an issue I am able to get a live person. The Kadro team has proven to be more than a vendor they have been our partners.

— Mark deCausmeaker
REEDS Jewelers Inc.

Services We Offer

Accelerated Website Development

The solution includes the development, delivery and implementation of a powerful, feature-rich, custom Magento Commerce website, typically in 8-12 weeks.

Re-platform Migrations

Kadro can figure out how best to utilize Magento as your new eCommerce platform as well as a framework to meet your business objectives and e-commerce goals.

Performance Optimization

Our team understands the complex technical reasons for slow loading websites and how to fix them. We can audit your website and get things loading lighting fast.

Project Rescue

eCommerce projects don’t always go as planned. No matter what the reason, Kadro can help get your site development back on track and headed toward a successful launch.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Upgrade

Magento 2 is a significant change from Magento 1. Kadro will take steps to help reduce costs and achieve parity as much as possible with what you have customized from Magento 1.

Mobile-first UI/UX Design

With the vast majority of eCommerce customers using mobile devices, it is imperative that your site provide an optimal mobile experience.

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