Meet Kadro

We solve complex business problems with technology.

We’re a group of software engineers, business analysts, project managers, quality assurance engineers, and designers passionate about eCommerce, helping customers maximize the benefits of their chosen eCommerce platform and bringing their vision of selling online to life.

Founded in 2001, our multi-award-winning, employee-owned firm has consistently delivered scalable, enterprise class eCommerce solutions that work. Our expertise, our ability to evolve with the needs of our clients, and our commitment to customer service results in a common experience of very satisfied and loyal clients. Our first client in 2001, REEDS Jewelers, is still our client today.

Commitment To Deliver

When working with Kadro, we provide our customers with the confidence of working with a cohesive team providing expertise through-out all stages of the project life-cycle. We stand by our solutions and provide full service support.

We take the time to learn your business, so that we can apply that knowledge creating the right software architecture, design and implement comprehensive solution that meets 100% of your business needs.

This level of dedication to deliver is why we’re trusted as partners by our customers.

We Serve Companies of All Sizes

We serve clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and sole proprietors, to medium-sized and large companies. Hundreds of companies have trusted Kadro to streamline their eCommerce operations and create the best user experience for their customers.

Heirloom Traditions Paint
Ira Green
TNG Worldwide
TNG Worldwide

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Dotdigital Dotties Award Winner

Kadro was selected as Best Partner: Americas by leading consumer engagement marketing software manufacturer dotdigital at the the 2020 Dotties Awards.

Clutch Top Developers Award Winner

Internationally-renowned B2B rating and review platform Clutch named Kadro one of North Carolina’s Top eCommerce Developers for 2020, praising our eCommerce strategy, consulting, design, and development.

Leadership Team

Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson

President and CEO


Rick is responsible for leading Kadro’s strategic vision, developing the business, and directing the company’s operations.

Rick has over 35 years experience in software engineering and engineering management in the areas of software product development, professional consulting services, and information technology.

Malcolm Allen

Chief Technology Officer


Malcolm is responsible for leading the overall technical direction of the company, including the development of software architectures and frameworks as well as working with customers on designing and developing their solutions.

He has over 25 years experience in software engineering applied in the areas of product development and professional services consulting. He has extensive experience in developing enterprise-level web applications, integrating mobile solutions with web applications, database design, and distributed computing using a variety of technologies and architectures.

Scott VandeLinde

Chief Information Officer


Scott is responsible for Kadro’s managed hosting solutions, system’s engineering, networking, and computing infrastructure. He also manages our eBay integration team.

Scott has 25 years experience in software engineering applied in the areas of web application development, mobile computing applications, and distributed systems

Daniel Friel

Chief Operating Officer

James Bruner

James Bruner

Director of Business Solutions Analysts

Elyse Robillard

Elyse Robillard

Director of Project Management

Chris Dutra

Chris Dutra

Director of Operations

Logan Wilkerson

Logan Wilkerson

Director of Engineering

Evan Gross

Evan Gross

Director of Sales

Alexis Levine

Alexis Levine

Account Executive

Scott Sidoti

Scott Sidoti

Senior Solutions Architect

Working At Kadro

We have a highly collaborative, relaxed, and fun work environment. We pride ourselves on being a family friendly company and we value work-life balance. As many companies have done over the past year we’ve adapted to the global pandemic. Many members of our team are able to work remotely without compromising the quality of service we deliver to our clients.

We also have many team building get togethers. From our chili competitions, to our thanksgiving potlucks, to our TED Talk style “Engineering Awesome” presentations by employees centered on the latest trends in technology and business.

Fully Remote Work

Employees have the option of working from the office or remotely full-time.

Social Events

We regularly have get togethers with tasty treats. Family and friends welcome.

University Co-op Program

Computer Science students have a chance to work on real world projects with real clients.

The Kadro Name



1. framework.

an essential supporting structure of a building, vehicle, or object.

“The panels are attached to the building’s steel framework.”

2. cadre.

a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.

“a small cadre of scientists”

Origin: Esperanto.
Synonym: Architecture.


The word Kadro means framework in Esperanto.

Esperanto is a language introduced in 1887 by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof. He proposed Esperanto as a second language that would allow people who speak different native languages to communicate, yet at the same time retain their own languages and cultural identities. Esperanto is regarded as one of the easiest languages to learn. Today, Esperanto is spoken by millions of people throughout the world.

Why Esperanto?

Choosing our name from the Esperanto language symbolizes our strategy to deliver open and easy to use solutions that enable people to efficiently and accurately communicate information and data throughout the enterprise.

Why Framework?

“Framework” is also core to our strategy. The Kadro team has a long history of developing robust software architectures with supporting object-oriented frameworks to meet many business needs. Our software development strategy is focused on delivering reliable and maintainable solutions that reduce total cost of ownership. Our software architecture and frameworks enable us to leverage proven, reusable solutions as the foundation for each custom software system we deliver.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Visionaries Wanted

At Kadro we’re not satisfied with just fixing what’s broken on your eCommerce site, we want your entire eCommerce operation to fulfill your vision for your business and help your business it live up to its full potential.

Every project we do starts with our Requirements Discovery. Members of our team do a deep dive into your entire eCommerce operation to understand long and short term goals. We do this not just because it’s the best way to problem solve but so that as your business grows you have the right framework and platform that allows your site to grow with it.