Kadro eCommerce Insights Newsletter May 2021 Issue

May 31, 2021
By Chris Cowles

By Chris Cowles

Contributing Writer

May 2021 Edition

News, insights and information from the rapidly changing world of eCommerce designed for the online merchant!

eCommerce Puzzle Pieces
May is quickly fading into the rearview mirror along with annual spring celebrations like Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day and for many – graduation. Now we prepare for June and the coming of summer.  Predications are that it will be a very busy summer travel season as we hit the roads and take to the skies to our favorite destinations.  Travel and destination websites should see significant traffic increases and robust bookings.
Google’s Core Web Vitals website ranking factors are set for June 2021 implementation. Regardless of what you sell online, it’s a good time to revisit the performance aspects of your website and how it delivers the user experience. Pay special emphasis to the mobile experience. 
Not yet have an eCommerce website? Kadro is here to help with an array of available services including our newest offeringAccelerated Magento Website Development.   
Be sure to take a few minutes to read an informative new article by James Bruner, Senior Business Solutions Analyst, about setting up Google Tag Manager for Adobe Commerce. You can also learn more about James in our Employee Spotlight below.


A new service from Kadro designed for those looking to start selling online faster with a powerful, feature-rich, custom Adobe Commerce (formerly called Magento Commerce) website. It’s a scalable solution that can grow as your business does delivering lower initial project costs and higher value.

Learn more. Visit our Accelerated Magento Website Development page.





eCommerce projects don’t always go as planned. This can occur for many reasons. No matter what the reason, Kadro can help. We offer a comprehensive array of website project rescue and support services tailored to each client’s needs.

Visit our Magento Project Rescue Services page to learn more.

In a COVID world, customer support teams now have blurred lines between support and sales. Support representatives are ramping up their skills to deliver exceptional customer service experiences that wow their clients, drive sales, and create loyalty.  That is why Kadro has partnered with Gorgias, a machine learning helpdesk built natively for e-commerce merchants to help our clients turn their call centers into profit centers.    
Gorgias enables a seamless customer journey by aggregating all channels (email, voice, chat, SMS, social) into one platform and personalizing engagement with intelligence from integrations with the e-commerce platforms and the e-commerce technology stack (loyalty, shipping, reviews and ratings, marketplaces and more). Gorgias customers increase support efficiency by 30% or more using automations to handle common and repetitive inquiries.

How do you drive sales from your call center? Through Automation, Personalization, Channel Aggregation


  • Automation: Provide lighting fast responses to turn browsers into buyers
  • Personalization: data-enriched interactions create meaningful connections with customers that increase order values and lifetime value 
  • Channel Aggregation: All channels in one platform create a seamless, connected customer experience. 
Take a look at Gorgias’ guide on pre-sales support to learn how you can start driving revenue from your support operations. And if you sign up with Gorgias now, you can even get the 2nd month of service FREE.
(formerly Magento Commerce) 
Let Us Know
Meet James Bruner
Senior Business Solutions Analyst

What do you do at Kadro?

I help Kadro clients with their incoming project and support requests advising  them on the best way to proceed. I also provide counsel on long-term strategy and project ROI. The requests can address a range of issues from frontend bugs to full integrations. Our clients span such a wide range of industries that you really get exposed to a lot of different solutions. So, that’s pretty cool. 

If you could do anything you want right now, what would it be?

Explore space. Or be a full-time philanthropist. Or be a full-time philanthropist that travels through space helping people out.

What’s your favorite food?

Food is my love language. I love cooking and try to make dinner for my family every night, so we rotate through a lot of recipes in my house. If I had to pick a singular dish as my favorite though, it wouldn’t be something I make: it would be the Beef Wrap (basically a fancy Gyro) from Devine Foods in Columbia, SC where I grew up. I worked there back in the day and frequented the place for decades. They closed their doors several years ago, but I still dream about their food.

What about family?

I’ve been married for nine years with two kids (three if you count the dog). My wife Lauren has never met a stranger, and she can put together a pretty mean gift basket. My son will be four this summer, my daughter will be one, and Sunny the mini Yorkie turned 5 this year. They’re all pretty great – most of the time.

Favorite video game?

If my kids are asleep and it’s a weeknight you’ll find me either making music or gaming.

Favorite quote?

“You’re not wrong, Walter, you’re just …….” – The Big Lebowski

Favorite place to visit?

Colorado. My family has a place on the Western Slope where I’ve gone my whole life. Being able to share that with my family and now my kids is just incredible, so I try to get out there as much as I can.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

Biggest or most meaningful recent personal accomplishment?

I have a lot to be grateful for – my family, friends, and bandmates to start – but I think one of the biggest accomplishments recently was getting debt free. We still owe on our house, but even with two kids in daycare we managed to pay off all other debts, which is an incredible feeling.

What is one unique thing about you that few people know?

I like to record hip songs about robots when no one is around.

Featured Kadro Blog content of the month:
  1. Setting up Google Tag Manager for Adobe Commerce, an informative article by Kadro’s Senior Business Solutions Analyst – James Bruner
  2. Deciphering a Magento Website’s Delivery Times Dilemmaan interesting article about overcoming technical challenges for a client written by one of Kadro’s Senior Software Engineers – Logan Wilkerson.
  3. Watch the dotlive by dotdigital webinar on How to use segmentation to supercharge your marketing campaigns.
  4. What’s the One Thing Businesses Need in 2021an informative article by Kadro and Annex Cloud
  5. Listen to the Naughty x Nurture by dotdigital podcast with Ariel Mordetsky (Kadro) and other eCommerce experts as they talk about the similarities between eCommerce and fishing. It’s reel interesting!

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