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Field Service Data Gathering and Reporting System

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Thousands of hotels, motels, and extended stay facilities around the country use the award-winning, time-tested products from Procter & Gamble On-Premise Laundry in their in-house systems.

Similar numbers of restaurants and hospitals and care facilities need the cleaning expertise of P&G’s Mechanical Warewash for ensuring their guests get the exceptionally clean dishes, silverware and glasses they expect.

Supermarkets and popular food industry leaders must be vigilant in keeping all cutlery and preparation remain free of harmful contaminants and they have learned to look to P&G’s decades of expertise for the solution.

That meant there are tens of thousands of different types of machines across the nation needing routine inspection, maintenance, and occasional replacement. This in turn meant scores of trained technicians visiting these locations on a regular schedule with a wide array of items to be checked and recorded for quality assurance purposes and historical audit trails of questions asked and actions taken.

It meant that hundreds of customers needed to be kept apprised of the status of each of these service calls: when was the visit made, by whom, what was found, what needed to be changed, what actions were ultimately taken by the technician. Specialized reporting fitting the activity needs as well as the customer desires had to be available.

And all this needed to be done on a timely basis so there would be no interruption of service at any of these locations and the companies relying on P&G were constantly apprised of all activity.


Representatives from P&G met with the specialists at Kadro Solutions who asked questions to learn the ins and outs of the situation, what hurdles needed to be addressed, and what end results were being sought. A detailed flowchart was presented to P&G laying out exactly would be met with a custom-built back-end system consisting of a SQL database and a state-of-the art server designed to handle hundreds of simultaneous connections.

On the comprehensive Admin side, workorder checklist forms could be easily created and adapted to fit the changing needs of the clients that P&G serviced and sent down to the technicians out in the field visiting those client facilities.

Technicians would be provided with state-of-the-art laptops containing specially build client software capable of downloading these workorders tailored to fit the appropriate task being performed. These questionnaires, complete with diagrams and specific guidelines when necessary, could be filled out on-site, reviewed by the visited facilities manager, and then uploaded then or at a later date.

Back at the Admin side, these hundreds of workorders would be daily collected via synchronized encrypted connections, the reports analyzed and data collated, notifications of completions and issues found dispatched instantly to responsible management, reports and graphs produced for review and study, and a fully functional audit trail prepared.

As the needs of P&G as well as the clients they provide excellent service to changed and grew over the years, so did the software, client and server, adapt to always fit their needs and wishes.

Kadro’s Field Service Data Gathering and Reporting System provides:

  • Customizable forms for specific activities: Pre-Install, Install, Preventative Maintenance, Training, Site Survey
  • Customizable forms for special customers meeting their unique requirements
  • Instantaneous updates of forms on-site
  • Rapid transmittal of completed forms to the Reporting Center
  • Email notification to concerned parties of issues found
  • End-user reporting customized to fit each client’s needs
  • In-depth statistics and analysis on compliance issues by individual location, regional results or company-wide

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