Uno Alla Volta

Magento 2 Commerce Solution for B2C merchant selling products personally handcrafted by artisans throughout the world.

Solution     B2C eCommerce
Platform    Magento 2


Uno Alla Volta means “one at a time” and represents the products and collectibles designed and handcrafted by artisans throughout the world and available for purchase from the eCommerce marketplace. The artisans making the products sold by Uno Alla Volta are using techniques passed through generations as well as using modern techniques and technologies. The Uno Alla Volta storefront provides many fashion and designer accessories, home decor, kitchen, decorative glass, and pottery sold to consumers through-out the world.

Prior to hiring Kadro to help improve their eCommerce solution on Magento Commerce, Uno Alla Volta was faced with many business and technical challenges.

The initial implementation of on Magento Commerce cloud was done in a non-standard Magento way by the original development agency. The front-end was implemented in a SASS CSS framework (Magento’s built-in theme and templates are built using the LESS CSS framework) and many unstable and not enterprise-ready open source components were used. As a result, the original Uno Alla Volta site implementation became very expensive to maintain and support – every minor upgrade of Magento Commerce was costly and the overall stability of the site was poor. As a result, Uno Alla Volta suffered from having too much budget spent on keeping the site stable versus using those investments to add features and improvements for their customers.

The primary project goal: Pivot the site’s implementation to a Magento-standard approach, stabilize the implementation, and put their eCommerce business back on a path for growth and supporting their customers.


Revised and stabilized Uno Alla Volta site deployed in November 2019:

Key Accomplishments during the site stabilization project

  • Re-implemented and converted non-standard SASS-based Magento Theme to a standard Magento Theme using LESS for better support and ease of upgrade with future Magento updates and Magento extensions. This resulted in a significant reduction in total cost of ownership from the original implementation.
  • Overall stability of the site’s code base for better performance and Magento best practices.
  • Improved overall stability and performance of the site within Magento Commerce cloud infrastructure.
  • Integration with Reflektion site search for improved product search. Uno Alla Volta sells many products that follow fashion, seasonal, or social media trends and influencers. As a result, the Reflektion AI-based site search proved to be a great solution to capture and learn searching and buying trends for top selling items.
  • Re-implemented structure and implementation of many key content areas to make it easier for Uno Alla Volta to self-maintain their site’s content and marketing without requiring new development tasks and code updates.
  • Lastly, after the site was stabilized and moved to a LESS-based CSS structure, the site was upgraded to the latest release of Magento Commerce.

The project goals were achieved: The site is more stable, updates for minor and major Magento upgrades are less costly, the site’s content is easier to manage, and the site search experience is greatly improved.

Our partnership with Kadro started as a site rescue. After a failed migration and launch to Magento with a different vendor, the Kadro team worked endlessly to get our website stable, upgraded and back on track.

We needed a partner to step up and support us through it all and Kadro has delivered. I look forward to the continued partnership as we enhance our website and drive growth to reach our eCommerce goals.

Digital Marketing Manager, Uno Alla Volta, LLC

System Architecture

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