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Platform    Magento 2


WestCMR started as a company of one back in 1997. The vision was, and still is, to provide a reliable, efficient and sustainable alternative to how excess surgical supplies are bought and sold. Thousands of medical facilities have relied on WestCMR to be their sustainable surgical solution. WestCMR helps hospitals, and surgery centers, throughout the United States liquidate supply waste instead of sending it to landfills.

WestCMR offers their customers the ability to buy, and sell, surgical supplies across two online marketplaces. Since its inception, WestCMR has grown to over 60 people, expanded warehouses, helped thousands of clients and more importantly has a track record of being One of the Great Places to Work in Healthcare by Becker’s Hospital Review!

In early 2020 WestCMR engaged Kadro to help them finish their migration to Magento Commerce Cloud for WestCMR.com and their sister site GeoSurgical.com. The engineering team at Kadro was tasked with developing a scalable solution that would efficiently and properly integrate Magento Commerce to their Great Plains ERP while allowing for their growing product catalog to be enriched by a 3rd Party content provider.


Sites: www.WestCMR.com and www.GeoSurgical.com

Rescuing a website project that is failing to meet both the business and technical needs of a business is always a challenge. This is especially true when the site has been unable to launch because the complexities of the business’ product catalog data has not been properly modeled and setup in Magento Commerce. Kadro prides ourselves on being able to assess the current state of an eCommerce website, analyze the client’s business goal, and present a path to success. At the start of all Magento site development rescue projects, we conduct a detailed Requirements Discovery to understand not just the technical issues the business is facing, but to truly understand their business and how we could help them succeed and grow their business.

WestCMR had a unique challenge as their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, is the system of record for products, orders and inventory but the unique content for their growing catalog is supplied by Unilog, a 3rd party that specializes in rich content.

Both sites launched in fourth quarter of 2020 with the following highlights:

  • Streamlined product loading process with Kadro’s Bulk Product Loader built on Magento Commerce to allow for quick and efficient product loading onto the platform.
  • Multisite on Magento Commerce Cloud
  • Integration with Unilog for enriched product data
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains ERP via nChannel.

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