JG Edelen

Solution     B2B eCommerce
Platform    Magento 2


Founded 98 years ago, the J.G. Edelen Company was founded by James G. Edelen Sr. and is still family-owned today. Originally based solely in Baltimore, Maryland it now has a second location in Martinsville, Virginia. From these two locations, J.G. Edelen manufactures, imports, and distributes an ever-growing amount of quality hardware products for the furniture and related industries.

J.G. Edelen supplies its customers, small custom shops to the largest national manufacturers, a wide variety of products ranging from decorative trim hardware all the way to custom parts to satisfy their customers’ unique requirements.

In early 2020 J.G. Edelen reached out to Kadro as they were looking for a new solutions partner to help them. This was not your typical Adobe Commerce (formally known as Magento Commerce) rescue. The J.G. Edelen’s storefronts were relatively stable but had not met their expectations for performance and functionality. On top of that J.G. Edelen was looking for a U.S Based partner for ease of communication, and while Kadro started work during the pandemic the J.G. Edelen team wanted to be within driving distance of their new partner.

The Kadro team is extremely thorough in its review and application of customer needs and challenges. Communication is excellent, they are pretty much always available and they work with a combination of good cheer and seriousness. Good people to work with. They are a qualified team that knows this business and possess a lot of experience and knowhow.

Jay Edelen

Vice President, J.G. Edelen Company



When you begin working with an existing Adobe Commerce, multi-site instance, it is critical to understand the existing site architecture and the long-term goals of the merchant. Before a line of code was touched, Kadro conducted a detailed Requirements Discovery. This provided the team with a full understanding of the existing instance, the reasons why various business decisions were made, and what the short, medium and long-term goals of J.G. Edelen were.

By performing a detailed analysis, Kadro identified several areas where removal of 3rd party extensions and reverting to the native Adobe Commerce would increase efficiency and allow for a lower level of effort for future maintenance of the sites. Also, it was determined that moving all of the sites to a consistent theme, based on the native functionality of Adobe Commerce, would allow for future upgrades, patches, and external system maintenance to be less time-consuming and therefore lowering the cost for J.G. Edelen to run their eCommerce business.

Kadro developed a plan to unify all themes, and in the same process upgrade J.G. Edelen to the 2.4 version of Adobe Commerce. As part of this effort Kadro:

  • Improved site performance by removing extraneous and problematic extensions and heavy customizations
  • Simplified the codebase by reverting to native Adobe Commerce behavior/code and replacing the theme for all sites
  • Improved the process for content and navigation updates by adding tools that are time-saving and more intuitive
  • Supplemented internal processes by adding new features/functionality
  • Added organic search and SEO value by enriching site content
  • Improved the user experience by correcting mobile usability issues

System Architecture

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